MyCO2 on the road, visiting a store near you!

On Friday, January 29th, I went on the road to visit some stores, spread the good word about MyCO2, and kickdown some much deserved MyCO2 Swag to our retail partners. It was an amazing day filled with positivity. I was able to meet new store personnel and put a face with a name, meet with new stores and talk with them about their and their customer’s experiences with MyCO2 and take suggestions on how we can improve the experience. Overall the day couldn’t have been any better!

I ended the day by hanging out with my friends at Full Scale Soil and Hydro as they celebrated the opening of a new location and the ownership being taken over by Bryan! Congratulations to Bryan for becoming the sole owner of FSSH, I wish the the best for you and your family and hope your store continues to kill it, as usual!!

Both Nikki Creekmore and myself will be visiting stores a lot this year. Stay in touch, follow us on Instagram @myco2bag and tag us with #myco2 #myco2bag. We will also make a post on here every week with our pictures and a write up of the experience.

Some of the stores I stopped by where: (click names for map link)