MyCO2 Michigan Store Tour 2016

West to East, Over 35 Stores, 2 Events, and a ton of good times!

Hello People of the Internet!!

donnie nikki ige novi 2016Recently Nikki and I embarked on a driving tour where we visited Garden Stores from east coast to West Coast Michigan. We were able to visit over 35 locations, spread the good word about MyCO2, and drop off MyCO2 schwag to our new friends. Add in an exclusive party hosted by Sunlight Supply and the trip was brought to next level status. The trip was concluded at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo in Novi and the most excellent Cyco Nutrients After Party!!

The 2016 Michigan Store Tour couldn’t have been more successful, adding 95% of the locations visited to our roster of MYCO2 retail partners, and breaking ground with our new line of premium sterile substrates for the advanced mycologists our there who wish to select the mushrooms they want to grow.

Big thanks to all the store personnel who took the time to hear about our products and who showed us incredible hospitality. Hydro store owners are some of the coolest, most generous people you can come by. Everyone was such a pleasure to meet.

Fungivore Mushrooms and the MyCO2 crew are looking forward to the 2016 Bay Area Store Tour ending at Max Yield IGE in downtown San Francisco. Please come visit us at booth 238 at the San Francisco IGE, July 23rd and 24th we would love to rap with you about MyCO2, the industry, or life in general.

In the mean time stay connected with us on social media!! Thanks for tuning in!!