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Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Their product offering of over 5,000 different products includes everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening. They also distribute a wide variety of products for the outdoor gardener. Sunlight Supply is a wholesale only business, selling their products exclusively through their Authorized Dealer Partners.

Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply (BWGS) is one of the largest wholesalers of year-round gardening supplies in the nation. Since 1995, they’ve offered an extensive inventory that includes thousands of hydroponic and organic products from a wide variety of vendors. Their inventory encompasses thousands of products including complete indoor lighting and hydroponic gardening systems, environmental controls, gardening tools, growing media, plant nutrients, natural fertilizers, pest control and soil amendments.

Eden Horticulture is the UK’s fastest growing hydroponic wholesaler. Eden Horticulture designs, manufactures and distributes leading hydroponic brands throughout the UK and Europe. All of their products are tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance. Their products are stocked in the UK and are only available through approved retail outlets.

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